The Future is Mindful – A virtual summit for champions of workplace wellness

The Future is Mindful – A virtual summit for champions of workplace wellness

A revolution is happening in workplaces around the world. Businesses are struggling to re-invent themselves to become human-first workplaces in order to attract, engage, and retain talent.

Tami Simon, CEO of Sounds True (twice named in Inc. 500 & 33 years in business) said, “Every profession, every organization will have to be remade with a recognition of our interconnectedness in the coming years if we are going to have a just and loving world.”

Mindfulness is at the center of this transformation. A substantial body of research affirms how mindfulness increases well-being, engagement, and resilience to name a few.

Peter Bostelmann (Chief Mindfulness Officer of SAP) said, “The question is not anymore if mindfulness will come to your organization. It will come.”

The increasing velocity of this change has created an unprecedented demand for guidance and resources for mindful leadership, mindfulness programs, expertise, and supporting technology.

For this reason, we are announcing The Future is Mindful. A virtual summit focused on how mindfulness is helping to transform the Future of Work.

A series of keynotes will be presented over a two-day period. A brand-new mindful event is planned and there will be options to participate in mindful breakout sessions.

Look forward to presentations from  Tami Simon, CEO of Sounds True,  Scott Shute, author of The Full Body Yes: Change your Work and Your World from the Inside Out,  Rhonda Magee, author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice, and more leaders including Karl MehtaEnrique RubioJacqueline CarterMark Leonard Brett HillMichael Foster,  and Mark Montalban.

Join us for important conversations at the Future is Mindful virtual summit on March 29th and 30th, 2022.

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