The Language of Mindfulness

A unique 1:1 coaching experience, 

 expertly blending mindfulness training with communication skills.


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TEDx speaker (2021), author (2021)
and Language of Mindfulness Coach


What Can I Expect in
the Free Session ?

There is no cost or obligation for the first meeting so we can make sure there’s a good fit. We’ll map your natural strengths and areas to work on and I’ll give you a few mindfulness and communications assignments you can start with right away that fit where you are in your journey.

These first steps are important, but are just first steps. Moving forward, things get deeper. There will be homework, check-in’s, mindfulness practices, and lot’s of OMG moments. If you decide not to continue, no worries – no charge – may you have great good fortune. 

Looking forward to working with you. Let’s talk!


A joy to have Brett Hill listen, guide me in my discernment about my professional development. His facilitation and presence brought new clarity and deeper personal awareness

Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha – Unitarian Minister

A great experience. Highly recommended

– Jonathon

Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller. Brett is one of the most caring people that I know and it shows every time we meet. He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


Changed my life in such a positive way.


Brett provided me with simple, yet powerful, tools enabling me to connect deeply with my gifts. I could feel the results the first time I began his practice.

Mari Roberts – Life and Leadership Coach

Brett's gift is his ability to use his deep intuition, mindful presence and vast experience to guide his sessions.

– Client

"A gifted and insightful coach"

– Client

The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing.

Rabbi Ted Falcon

Brett is what I call "a natural". He intuitively knows how to help.

Ron Kurtz – creator of the Hakomi method of mindfulness-based somatic psychology

Introductory Session

No Charge

Sliding Scale 
Contact for details

Single Session

$140 Base Rate

Sliding Scale 
Contact for details

Foundations Sequence

$450 Base Rate

4 – 1 hour sessions
2 – 1/2 hour check-ins.

Mindfulness Foundations,  Conversational Reframing,
Personal Roadmap

Sliding Scale 

Contact for details

Transformation Intensive

$ Negotiated

8 – 1 hour sessions
6 –  1/2 hour check-ins.

For those who want to fundamentally realign and amplify their connection to life and others in a big way.  Pre-screening required as this goes deep and requires a high level of personal commitment.

Sliding Scale 
Contact for details

About Me

In college, I decided that the limits of what we can achieve and the quality of our lives is dependent on our ability to communicate well.  My degree in interpersonal communication combined nicely with my fascination for technology leading to a career as a technical story-teller, author, blogger, and speaker for companies  like Microsoft, Adobe and others.

But I wanted to go much deeper, so sought out the best I could find. I’ve had the good fortune to study Hakomi somatic psychotherapy with the founder –   Ron Kurtz,  Matrix Leadership group dynamics with the founder –  Amina Knowlan,  and meditation with the late Audle Allison.   I taught meditation for several years and founded the Quest Institute in Dallas.  Other influences include martial arts, contact improvisation, and training with Gabrielle Roth

As a result of this unique background, I’ve come to believe there no faster way to improve your communications and the quality of your life than being mindful during a conversation. The Language of Mindfulness is the distillation of many years of work and inspired a TEDx talk (2021), the book and class in development.

I am available for podcasts, speaking, and coaching. If you have any questions, would love to chat. 

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