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After graduating with a degree in interpersonal communication, Brett became a technology expert and created a distinguished technical career. He has presented at technical conferences worldwide for companies like Microsoft, authored books, and was awarded Microsoft’s distinguished “Most Valuable Professional” award for 9 years.

Brett’s true passion is teaching mindfulness and meditation in many forms. He studied Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology, with founder Ron Kurtz and trained in group leadership under the guidance of Amina Knowlan, creator of Matrix Leadership. In addition, he taught beginning and advance meditation for several years at the Lotus Center in Okla. City and established the Quest Institute meditation center in Dallas. Currently, he is a teacher at BeMeditation.com in Seattle.

He credits much of his professional success in the corporate world to skills and tools learned from the accomplished teachers he sought out.  “Mindfulness has helped in every aspect of my professional and personal life. I believe passionately; it’s the most important skill a person can develop as it can transform not only your life but the world.”

Brett is on a mission in his work as a speaker, author, and coach to help people be more present and connected to their authentic voice, and the world itself.  He specializes in mindful communications so we can connect authentically, speak truly, and listen deeply. What does the world need more than this? 




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