The Language of Mindfulness

Most people live in a small part of themselves – and suffer cause they don’t fit in the box.
When you are tired of the pain of being stuck or small and feel the calling to break free – call me.

When you’re ready….

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I’m a coach specializing in deep work. My life work is to see you truly, and help you inhabit and express who you really are.

What Is Language of Mindfulness Coaching? 

I help coaches, professionals, and those who identify as empathic or intuitive to discover and give voice to their authentic, embodied authority.  This means feeling in your bones, the truth of who you are, and engaging the world from that place. When you are standing on that ground, you are undeniable as your authenticity is clear. You are vulnerable because you’re standing in your truth which no one can change so – no defense needed. You are authentic and accessible without overextending your feelings or underrepresenting your truth.  Imagine the impact on your clients, your colleagues, and managers as well as those close to you. Every aspect of your life gets better.  This is the promise of learning to speak The Language of Mindfulness. It’s not the words, it’s what goes on between us.

Imagine every important conversation in your life – better.

Brett Hill black low res 1 300x110 1In college, I decided that the  limits of what we can achieve and the quality of our lives is dependent on our ability to communicate well.  My degree in interpersonal communication combined nicely with my fascination for technology leading to a career as a technical story-teller, author, blogger, and speaker for companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and others.

But I wanted to go much deeper, so sought out the best I could find. I’ve had the good fortune to study Hakomi somatic psychotherapy with the founder –   Ron Kurtz,  Matrix Leadership group dynamics with the founder –  Amina Knowlan,  and meditation with the late Audle Allison.   I taught meditation for several years and founded the Quest Institute in Dallas.  Other influences include martial arts, contact improvisation, and training with Gabrielle Roth

As a result of this unique background, I’ve come to believe there no faster way to improve your communications and the quality of your life than being mindful during a conversation. The Language of Mindfulness is the distillation of many years of work and inspired a TEDx talk (2021), the book and class in development.

Contact me for a free introductory session, podcasts, and speaking. If you have any questions, would love to chat.


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