The Language of Mindfulness

Helping you gracefully navigate challenging communication scenarios.
By Mindful Communications expert, author, speaker (TEDx 2021) and coach, Brett Hill.

Grounded in science. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller. Brett is one of the most caring people that I know and it shows every time we meet. He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.

– Client

A joy to have Brett Hill listen, guide me in my discernment about my professional development. His facilitation and presence brought new clarity and deeper personal awareness.

– Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha – Unitarian Minister

Brett is what I call “a natural”. He intuitively knows how to help.

– Ron Kurtz – creator of the Hakomi method of mindfulness-based somatic psychology

The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing.

– Rabbi Ted Falcon

Brett provided me with simple, yet powerful, tools enabling me to connect deeply with my gifts. I could feel the results the first time I began his practice.

– Mari Roberts – Life and Leadership Coach

Brett’s gift is his ability to use his deep intuition, mindful presence and vast experience to guide his sessions.

– Client

I have had the sincere pleasure to work with Brett. I have employed about every type of business coach I could imagine, but this is something unique and special. In three short sessions, I can already tell how much Brett understands me and where my challenges are…and the things I can do to start improving. He has so much love, patience, and sincere care to get to the root of your hurdles and help you grow. I am sincerely grateful to be connected and look forward to continuing!

– Tennyson

Brett brings his full presence to intentional conversation. He has a warm, generous way of seeing. He’s a gift, and sees the gifts in others. He has helped me lean into my own knowing with confidence and clarity.


What Is Language of Mindfulness Coaching? 

“Between stimulus and response there is space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

– Victor Frankl, Austrian Neurologist and Holocaust Survivor

1. You pause, creating a mindful space:

Learn to mindfully pause on purpose, on-demand For example, when you receive challenging feedback, you hit pause and consider, instead of reacting.

2. Then mindfully respond using the Language of Mindfulness  communication skillset:

Learn to reframe your approach to conversations so you can have a better in the moment experience, skillfully navigate challenging conversations, and facilitate toward better outcomes.

3. And enjoy the resulting growth and freedom:

Enjoy better relationships and an improved career as people experience the new, more present, authentic, connected you! Your personalized growth plan helps you keep learning and holds you accountable! You’ll grow personally and professionally.  Guaranteed.

Imagine every important conversation in your life – better.

What’s the process like?

Phase 1 –   helps you ground in a mindfulness practice that doesn’t require meditation. You’ll also receive a personalized roadmap for the rest of the phases.
 Phase 2 teaches specific skills to prepare for deep listening and authentic communication
Phase 3 provides amazing techniques to help you “use your senses” to listen fully, connect deeply, and speak authentically.
Phase 4  you’ll learn to avoid common detours, track connection, and deal with difficult scenarios.
Phase 5, we deepen your practice to help make your newfound presence, effectiveness, and clarity – your everyday experience.

Phase 1 - Building a Mindfulness Foundation

Adopt or deepen your mindfulness practice in ways that do not require meditation. Learn to let the world help you have more mindful moments. You’ll learn a great secret from an Akido master that inspired this training that amplifies the importance of practice. The foundational practices in this section are based on neuroscience, easy to adopt and in and of themselves sufficient to significantly improve your experience of life.

Phase 2 - You Can See More from Higher Up

After this phase, you will have new appreciation for “who people really are.”  The practices in this section help you “increase your range” to relate authentically to many people, particularly those who feel you don’t have much in common. You’ll learn to intentionally see a bigger picture that opens many doors and is immensely satisfying. This lays the groundwork for all that follows.

Phase 3 - Saying Yes to Connection

Learning to be present with others takes some practice. We focus first on some advanced listening skills. This is waaaay beyond old school active listening. You will be blown away by what you can hear and profoundly simply being present for another will change the conversation and deepen your relationship. This is not “tracking and leading” taught by NLP or others – but building authentic rapport and trust authentically.

Phase 4 - Learning to Navigate Conversational Detours

This is the Language of Mindfulness in action. How to manage specific situations such as conflict, drawing boundaries, over talkers, interrupters, and insight into the choices you have when mindful that you never knew about before. 

Phase 5 - Integration: Going Deeper

Now that you have a foundation in mindfulness and these incredible technique and practices, this section gives you guidance on what to do when all else fails and discusses what’s next on your journey. 

Brett Hill black low res 1 300x110 1In college, I decided that the  limits of what we can achieve and the quality of our lives is dependent on our ability to communicate well.  My degree in interpersonal communication combined nicely with my fascination for technology leading to a career as a technical story-teller, author, blogger, and speaker for companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and others.

But I wanted to go much deeper, so sought out the best I could find. I’ve had the good fortune to study Hakomi somatic psychotherapy with the founder –   Ron Kurtz,  Matrix Leadership group dynamics with the founder –  Amina Knowlan,  and meditation with the late Audle Allison.   I taught meditation for several years and founded the Quest Institute in Dallas.  Other influences include martial arts, contact improvisation, and training with Gabrielle Roth

As a result of this unique background, I’ve come to believe there no faster way to improve your communications and the quality of your life than being mindful during a conversation. The Language of Mindfulness is the distillation of many years of work and inspired a TEDx talk (2021), the book and class in development.

Contact me for a free introductory session, podcasts, and speaking. If you have any questions, would love to chat.


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